What Dartmouth is Saying

“With all this attention and interest that’s happening so soon after this projects announcement it isn’t “if” this carousel will be built, but “when”. Congrats to all involved, this will be a great attraction, and will be loved by residents and visitors of all ages!”

“What a great idea. I am in support of anything positive for our city, and anything that will hopefully bring the communities of Dartmouth together. I think you’re right, it would make a beautiful backdrop for photography of any kind, especially weddings and proms. I also really like the idea of having local vendors in the summer months. Halifax waterfront has so much going on during through summer. It’s about time for Dartmouth waterfront to get some attention.”

“I’m so excited about this wonderful idea! Dartmouth has such a great sense of community and I’m so happy to be a part of it, I can’t wait to watch this happen!!”

“Downtown Dartmouth has been struggling trying to rejuvenate itself and attract new businesses and accommodations for quite some time now.  When my husband and I look back at the Hfx/Dartmouth vs. HRM I felt my husband summed it up spot on – Dartmouth has been stripped clean of most attractions;  be it flowers in the Public Gardens to concerts at Alderney Landing – there isn’t much to make you drive out of your way to visit the city, nor is there much to keep you on this side of the harbour.  Alderney Ferry Terminal is busy busy, busy!  There is so much to that building with the Library, Farm Markets  etc. that it seems the most logical area for this to implemented.  And better yet, a permanent year round attraction – and a true attraction it could be!  I can only see positive when I envision this project – all positive!”

“I really hope this dream is realized it would be so good for Dartmouth.”

“This is the most amazing idea ever! it is time Dartmouth had a landmark of it’s own and kudos to these young women for all their hard work and desire to do something to improve our waterfront.”

“Love this idea – when our family travels to other cities such as Boston and San Francisco a highlight of the trip for our 5 year old is the carousel rides.”


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