Video Launch was a Success
Sunday, March 2nd
Celtic Corner Public House
Over 70 members of our community packed into the Celtic Corner in Dartmouth to view our launch video and discuss the project with us.

February 11th, 2014

For immediate release:
Dartmouth Carousel Project – grassroots initiative for Dartmouth waterfront.

Dartmouth, NS – February 11th, 2014 – During a brainstorming session three energetic and engaged women came up with an idea for Dartmouth that has truly taken off. Those women are politically involved business communicator Megan Blumenthal, politically engaged artist Sarah Douglas and local artist and entrepreneur Kate Hamilton.

They’ve inspired their community through social media. Their twitter account @dartcarousel had 200 followers the first day. They’ve been contacted by politicians, community partners and citizens who want to get involved.

The carousel initiative is by no means a typical carousel.

Megan Blumenthal explained that “businesses and individuals will have the opportunity to purchase a seat on the carousel. Then we will pair each sponsor with a local artist who will design a creature or interesting object representing our culture and heritage”

“Creating a strong private funding initiative will ensure very little public funding is required.”

The carousel will be a draw for locals and tourists as it will be a unique attraction and will add to the picturesque Dartmouth waterfront.

“We feel that a unique attraction of this magnitude will create a new energy and buzz in our downtown core, strengthening the ties to the community and the lives of its citizens. This will become an icon for Dartmouth,” explained Sarah Douglas.

“This idea grew from the desire to create more engaging and interactive community art in Downtown Dartmouth. “ said Kate Hamilton. “It has grown, in a short time, to the grassroots initiative that will help build a voice for its citizens and continue to build and strengthen the downtown core.”


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