About the Idea

carousel4Energetic Grassroots Initiative

The Dartmouth Carousel discussion initiated from the idea of creating an interactive art installation on the Dartmouth waterfront, specifically Harbourwalk Route.

Dartmouth Carousel is a grassroots initiative led by three energetic and engaged women. Our goal is to encourage citizens to discuss the implementation of a unique, all local carousel in Downtown Dartmouth.

The carousel will be a draw for locals and tourists as it will be a unique attraction and will add to the picturesque Dartmouth waterfront. We feel that an attraction of this magnitude would create a new energy and buzz in our downtown core strengthening the ties to the community and the lives of its citizens.

Lustre and Lore

The Carousel will be a permanent structure with year-round public access that illustrates aspects of Dartmouth’s heritage and culture.

The Dartmouth Carousel aims to bring back the lustre and lore of Downtown Dartmouth. Our intention is to create new memories and traditions centering around the rebirth of our Downtown and attract new visitors everyday.

Businesses and individuals will have the opportunity to purchase a seat on the carousel. Each sponsor will be paired with a local artist who will design a creature or object representing our culture and heritage. Creating a strong private funding initiative will ensure very little public funding is required.

In the warmer months, food carts celebrating local food and beverages will be available on-site, instigating economic growth for local vendors.  Year-round, the site will be a draw for local photographers and videographers as it will be a picturesque and unique setting for engagement, wedding and prom photos. The Dartmouth Carousel will become a must-see attraction in downtown Dartmouth and will be an iconic accent to our skyline.

Three Engaged Women

The Dartmouth Carousel Initiative is led by three energetic and engaged women: Politically involved business communicator Megan Blumenthal, politically engaged artist Sarah Douglas and local artist and entrepreneur Kate Hamilton.

They come together through the desire to improve their community and develop its future so that they may remain proud of their town and citizens.

Downtown Dartmouth

This idea grew from the desire to create more engaging and interactive community art in Downtown Dartmouth. It has grown, in a short time, to  the grassroots initiative that will help build a voice for it’s engaged citizens and continue to build and strengthen the downtown core. We envision the Dartmouth Carousel near the Alderney Ferry Terminal, ideally in Ferry Terminal Park.


The goal of the Dartmouth Carousel Initiative is to develop a strong plan for the carousel with members of our community. We’re still in initial stages and we require your input at this time.

Click here to read what members of our Dartmouth Community are saying.


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